Wednesday, 19 August 2015


I used to be one of those people who just couldn't leave the house without winged eyeliner on. After a good 4/5 years of wearing it everyday, I've tried and tested my fair share of eyeliners. So for you eyeliner lovers, or maybe you're just starting out, I thought I'd recommend my 3 favourite eyeliners, at a variation of prices. 
If you're a newbie eyeliner user/wearer, then I'd definitely recommend the 'Magic Liner' in the shade engraved by Topshop, it's got a very thin felt tip and is brilliant for creating a thin line, (so perfect if you make any mistakes!) this is £6.50 and you can buy it here.
For a medium/thick and vivid black line, I'd definitely recommend the 'Master Precise' Liquid Eyeliner by Maybelline in the shade... you guessed it, black. This is my favourite out of all the eyeliners and I'd definitely recommend this to anyone, whether you're new to using eyeliner or not, it's a brilliant felt tip liquid liner, this is £5.99 and you can get it here.
Finally, the most expensive of the three, is the Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner, I must admit, if you're not quite a dab hand at eyeliner, then this probably isn't the one for you, the felt tip is (quite) thick and is definitely not the easiest to use. I definitely prefer to use this eyeliner if I'm going anywhere special, with it being a high end product, priced at £12, it feels a little bit more special to wear. Does anyone else feel the same when they're wearing high end products? You can purchase the Eyeko liner here from Asos!

So there we have my 3 favourite eyeliners! I hope this helped anyone who's thinking of purchasing an eyeliner any time soon.

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  1. These all look great and I've wanted to try them for a while. I currently use the L'Oreal Super Liner and I have for a long time because I love it so much :D

    Alice -